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Xstamper® The Greatest Thing Since Rubber Stamps!

A sharp, clear impression is just one reason Xstamper brand is the rubber stamp people ask for by name. Of course, wide selection, quality and service have also helped Xstamper become the most popular brand of pre-inked stamps. Our Xstampers make cleaner, crisper impressions thanks in part to our unique combination of micro-porous cellular rubber and laser engraving.

Pre-inked State of the art technology lets you stamp without a stamp pad-no mess! A recessed stamp face can’t touch your desktop.
Long Lasting Extremely durable. Built in reservoir lets you re-ink for hundreds of thousands of extra impressions.
Cost Effective One size-one price. Signatures and logos at no extra charge

Benefits of Xstamper back to the top

EFFICIENT. Increased worker productivity by stamping rather than handwriting often repeated communications.

PRE-INKED. Unique state-of-the-art technology to print up to 100,000 impressions without the use of a stamp pad.

RE-INKABLE. Exclusive built-in reservoir re-inking system will add years of service to the life of your Xstamper.

CLEAN. Eliminates the need for messy stamp pads. Retractable frame keeps the stamp surface out of contact with your desk.

COST EFFECTIVE. Cost per impression is lower when comparing the cost of stamp, pad, refill ink, stamp racks, and labor.

LONG LASTING. Extremely durable. Designed to last for hundreds of thousands of impressions.

EASY TO ORDER. Easy ordering system eliminates the confusion that typically accompanies ordering rubber stamps.

ONE PRICE. Each stamp size has one price regardless of the number of lines or copy. No extra charges for logos, signatures or borders.

On the surface, the Xstamper rubber stamp face might resemble a traditional rubber stamp face, but it’s quite different. The Xstamper rubber surface consists of hundreds of microscopic pores on the surface with larger pores inside. These pores are the ink absorbers that control the flow of ink and prevent leakage. And, the depth of the characters allows a sharper impression than similar competitive products.

Xstampers are made using two different types of rubber, one for the upper surface which acts as an ink tank and one for the stamping face. We make rubber using a salt extraction method in which the salt particles and chemicals make pores to later hold ink in the stamp. The rubber is vulcanized or bonded together for greater elasticity and strength.

Xstampers are engraved using laser technology which eliminates numerous steps that were previously necessary to create an Xstamper. We can now make an Xstamper in a few hours, whereas it used to take days.

Once the rubber has been laser engraved, it is washed to remove dust residue, dried and cut into individual stamp sizes. Ink is then pumped into Xstamper rubber through a vacuum process, which allows for full and equal absorption. Each individual stamp is then ready for Xstamper rubber and reservoir pad assembly into the Xstamper mount.

The SureGrip handles are made from a double injection molding process. The first mold is made with plastic to shape the handle. The second mold is made of elastomer, which is a plastic that makes the new SureGrip handles feel like rubber for a soft ergonomic feel.

Xstampers perform to 50,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary. Since Stock Xstamper is made from a permanent die, it offers 100,000 impressions.

There are more than 40 different Custom Xstamper models available to accommodate an assortment of copy messages. They are well constructed and contain from 7 to 16 different parts for quality performance with every impression. Xstampers, with a few exceptions, have a spring-activated retractable stamping system that is self-supporting and is not glued in any manner. This keeps the stamp die away from any surface so that your hands and work area are kept clean.

To use, gently press the Xstamper against the paper. Unlike a traditional rubber stamp, it doesn’t need to be rocked back and forth. The Xstamper’s glycerin and vegetable-based ink is ideal for paper because it spreads into the paper and dries quickly. The Xstamper produces less desirable results on surface-treated paper such as photo or parchment, because the coating retards ink absorption. The Xstamper should not be used on metal, glass or plastic surfaces.

ClassiX Self-Inking and Traditional Rubber Stamps back to the top

ClassiX Self-Inking stamps are an excellent choice for your high volume stamping needs. The self-inking stamps feature precision components for a smooth, quiet action and many years of trouble free operation. They have been mechanically tested to over 1,000,000 impression cycles.

Self-inking stamps have a built in built-in patented re-inking system that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without replenishing the ink supply. When you are ready to re-ink you can do it easily and accurately without removing the inkpad. A full size visible label on the mount lets you choose the correct stamp every time.

The Heavy Duty Metal self-inking number stamps and daters work and feel as great as they look. Just one impression and you will appreciate the ergonomic handle and construction. Deep molded bands provide clean, sharp stamp impressions. Oversized band adjustment wheels prevent your fingers from contacting the bands and make adjustment easy. They feature a heavy-duty frame and precision components for a smooth, quiet action and many years of trouble-free operation.

The new M70 Series self-inking stamps have been engineered to be lightweight, durable and easy to use. The use of metal in areas of stress provides excellent durability, while the use of plastic has been carefully selected for ergonomics, weight reduction and ease of use.

For traditional stamps and for all self-inking stamps we produce photopolymer or rubber dies (stamp surface that touches the area to be imprinted) according to the application. Rubber dies are frequently used with non-porous or fast dry inks to make a permanent mark on glass, metal, plastic, glossy paper, cloth or leather.

Xecutives Engraved Nameplates, Name Badges, Signs back to the top

Laser engraving machinery is used to create detailed graphics, replicate intricate logos and engrave at various depths for a more textured finished product. Rotary engravers are used for metals and other special applications. We offer silk screening, hot stamping, sublimation and other 4-color technologies to produce precision crafted engraving. We special in handling special requests and large orders. We are the only approved contractor for engraved name badges for the US Postal Service.

Stamp Shopping Guide back to the top




Traditional Rubber Stamps

Self-Inking Stamps


Xstamper Benefits


Wood/plastic handle

Plastic/metal parts

Elastomer Plastic/metal parts

Comfortable, ergonomic feel

Inking capabilities

Stamp pad needed

Stamp pad built inside

Rubber die is pre-inked

No messy stamp pads

Number of impressions before re-inking



50,000 (Custom)
100,000 (Stock)

Saves money on ink, stamp pads, stamp repurchases

Ease of re-inking

Re-ink stamp pad

Replace the ink pad

Re-ink stamp from top so hands are kept clean

Easy to re-ink and clean, only pre-inked stamp that is truly re-inkable

Colors available

Stamp pad color: red, black, blue, green or purple

Red, black, blue, green or purple

Red, black, blue, green, purple or orange and Two- Color

Variety of colors meet all stamping needs


One year for die

One year for die

Lifetime for the mount

Lifetime guarantee for the rubber and mount

Only have to buy the stamp one time

Cost effective

Need to purchase stamp and stamp pad

Limited lifetime

Longest lasting

Never needs replacement

Cost per impression is lower when comparing cost of stamp, pad, refill ink, stamp racks and labor

One price

One price per size according to height

One price per size regardless of copy

One price per size regardless of copy

Easy to price – no pricing grids or extra charges, saves time and money


Wide variety of sizes

Limited to six plastic and five metal mount sizes

Over 40 mounts and sizes to choose from

Wide variety of sizes to match any copy - don’t have to multiple source

Saves time and money